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    Globe valves are one-directional. Under the disk, they are only used to create the flow in the same direction. There is an arrow of direction visible on the body of the valve. It is suggested that the valve be placed vertically where the handwheel will be at first

    You should also consider some below points:

    • Regular maintenance of the valve should be needed. You should pay attention to check there is no valve leaking.
    • If the valve is not working regularly, then cycle the valve. It will prevent the disc from bedding itself in the seat.
    • You can use a grease gun to grease the crossbar on the nipple. If needed, you should lubricate the spindle. 
    • If packing needs adjustment, you should need to tighten the gland bolts slightly. The gland will be damaged if you over-tighten it. You need to replace the packing if leaking through the gland appears.
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    What are Globe Valves?

    Globe valves are linear motion valves used mainly for liquid other media, or steam where a throttling service is needed. The main components of globe valves are the disc, stem, and seat. The seat structure connects with the seat to slowly flow up. So, globe valves cause a pressure drop than a gate Valve. 

    Choosing the size, pressure, and material of all globe valves depends on the user or system designer. For the selection process, Systems may give some suggestions. But, the choosing process depends on the plant operator.

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    Perfect installation ensures that no premature damage will be seen to the valve. Here are following the main installation points below:

    • Remove debris or any packing from the valve
    • Make sure the inside of the valve is free from moisture or water
    • Allow the valve is supported from any damage by long runs of pipe clamping
    • Make sure you have an area to work the valve proper 
    • Run a complete dry cycle of the valve from open and closed and then back again
    • Tighten the flange are slowly bolt in a diagonal pattern
    • Increase the internal pressure to install the bolts correctly and ensure the valve is sealed
    • To operating level, increase internal pressure and check back
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    The rotation of globe valves may clockwise close or anti-clockwise open. For closing, do not over-tighten the seat; apply force to close. The seat may be damaged if the media is still cause leaking. Even though the glove valve is excellent for controlling or regulating flow, you should try not to place the disc in the middle of the flow for more time.

    This will influence the seat to wear prematurely and in steam applications where continuous throttling is less than 10%. This also controls opening, vibration, wire drawing, and noise across the seat, causing a leak. 

    During operation, don’t exceed the maximum pressure rating of 100%. Pressure changes beyond the valve’s pressure rating are the operator’s responsibility. Pressure changes can cause considerable harm if not adhered to.

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    Valves play an essential role in maintaining or controlling the way of fluid through pipes. Many people ignore maintenance until something wrong happens. Proper care offers a long life to prevent problems. Here are some tips to help to perform some simple but valuable tips.

    Regular maintenance will allow you to get the operation and best life out of your globe valve.

    Clean the Area 

    Valve maintenance does not have to be complicated. Sometimes, the simplest way to avoid costly repairs is with cleaning. Depending on the location and type of valve, you will easily remove dust with a towel. You should clean your valves at least once a time in a year. It is an easy and quick way to extend the system’s whole life.

    Inspect Your Equipment 

    In maintaining the valve, the simplest step is eye-balling your valve. The first step is to check or monitor the valve to see the leaks. The simple way to determine a leak is to look for rust or corrosion. If leaks appear, you will replace the valve and break the pieces of the valve. Open or close to check the adjustment. Make sure the valves no too close or open the limit. High-force valve monitors more often than those under less force.

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    Lubricate the Valve

    The most helpful way to keep the valve is by greasing or lubricating it. Avoiding this step causes the seizure or decreases performance. Frequent greasing help to seal the valve. To ensure greasing spread all parts, rotate the valve. This step prolonged the life of the valve. Your valve maintenance needs to select the proper lubricant. To protect the valve with greasing, you need to protect it from temperature changes.

    Wrap up

    Valve maintenance looks like a monitor inconvenience. Attention can go a long way in maintenance to running smoothly in the long run. Avoiding valve maintenance can leave you stuck with tubing or pipes.

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    Maintain Your Valves for Improved Longevity

    Proper globe valve maintenance adds extended life to valves if you want more longevity. Ensure the valves are worked and appropriately installed. Add a regular keeping schedule that contains both external and

    internal maintenance.

    You should be aware that the valve is to be removed from the line for keeping. Also, it has cooled to room temperature and has no pressure in the line. Once removed, maintenance can be carried out by holding the disc and the seat. At the bottom of the valve, you can remove the buildup scale.

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    Common Problems and Maintenance Of Globe Valve

    Here are some maintenance problems and issues. Any particles, such as steam or debris in the medium, may wear the valve seat. 

    1. The solid particles are assembled between the valve seat or valve disc.
    2. The valve disc and the valve stem are not connected well, so the valve disc has no tight connection with the valve seat or stem. 
    3. When the valve is not working correctly, it cannot be opened or closed.
    4. Notice if there is dust between the valve nut and the valve stem. 
    5. The stem nut and the valve stem are corroded.
    6. The valve stem and disc are not attached.
    7. The valve disc is turned to reverse pressure, and the packing is too tight.
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    Partial Leakage of Packing

    The semi-leakage is caused by the loss of filler or damage to the design of the filler foil. Hence, you should give notice of the following issues during working. Globe valves are not used in pipelines where liquid deposits occur. You must regulate the flow even if it is used in compressed air and steam. A filter must place in the valve to allow clean medium flow.

    If the valve disc is plugged, it will not stop to prevent the valve disc from debris from damaging. Fast opening and closing many times to flush out the junk. If the measures taken are not affected, they should be dismantled. Often grease the stem and nut and clean debris to prevent rust or debris that causes valve failure.

    If the valve seal is checked, the packing should be changed in time to avoid disc or joint failures. Due to the above reasons, the loss of water valve of the steam pipeline must be closed. Don’t use steam to prevent the valve from cracking. You should have a fast connection between the valve and the pipeline.

    Pressure should be released through the outlet when changing the valve packing. If a valve is under less pressure loosening the gland flange may cause critical injury. For globe valves, when they are fully open, the handwheel should be indented half a turn to stop accidental opening and closing during the operation. Don’t apply more force because it may damage the valve.

    The working of globe valves is the same as other valves. You should not be opened and close quickly to avoid of “water hammer” in the pipeline.

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    The globe valve is often used to cut off the flow in the pipeline. The regulating performance of globe valves is better. The best features are their small opening height, short closing time, and easy maintenance. The sealing surface has a long life span and isn’t easy to wear. The structure of the valve is complex, so the flow resistance is considerable.

    Globe valve is suitable for steam and oil products and not appropriate for viscous liquid.

    They have large energy consumption as a balanced structure normal and the high-pressure large-diameter valve.

    So maintenance of globe valves is a crucial step to enhance the valve’s life. You should follow the above-explained tips for the maintenance of your system. We hope you get a lot of information regarding the maintenance tips.

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