Gate valve is one of the most common openings and closing valves. It uses wedge-shaped gate plates sealed on both sides to connect or cut off the medium in the closing path. Gate valve does not allow micro-opening in the pipeline as an energy-saving device, so as to avoid the high-speed flow of media erosion and accelerate the damage of the sealing surface.



Gas, Water


A216 WCB, SS304, SS316


PN16, PN25, PN40



Discover more about ANSI Class150 Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Nominal Diameter :2″-16″
Nominal Pressure(Pressure Rating):150LB-300LB
Type Of Connection:Flange, B.W.
Valve Operation: Handwheel, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric
Body: Cast Steel/ Stainless Steel
Disc: Cast Steel/ Stainless Steel
Stem: Stainless Steel
Seat: Stainless Steel
Apply Medium: Water, Steam, Oil, Acid-Base
Maximum service Temperature:≤200℃ (Stainless Steel) ≤425℃ (Cast Steel)
Design and Manufacture: API 600
Face to Face: ANSI B16.10
Flange End: ANSI B16.5
Inspection and Test Standard: API598

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