Stainless steel 1-pc/2-pc/3-pc Ball Valves, We have Light Weight, Middle Weight, Heavy Weight.

DIN Standard, Thread Type: BSPT.NPT



Gas, Water


SS304, SS316


PN16, PN25, PN40



Discover more about DIN 2-PC Stainless steel ball valves

Product Feature

  • 2-PC Thread Ball Valves
  • DIN Standard, Stainless steel Material
  • Working pressure 1/4′ -2” 1000PSI , 2 1/2”-4” 800 PSI
  • Pure Teflon seals and seats
  • 100% leakage tested at 100PSI air underwater
  • Locking device (optional)

Product Profess

1. Do the product mold, wax mold processing.

2. The combination type wax.

3. To set a good wax mucilage, 4-5 times

4. Dry processing.

5. In the heart of the dewaxing kettle wax processing.

6. In the high-temperature furnace roasting.

7. The key casting operations.

8. The product grinding.

9. The product cut apart.

10. for blasting processing.

11. CNC machining thread 

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