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    About to Korean Type Stainless Steel Thread Ball Valve

    • Product Introduction
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    Product Introduction

    Korean-type stainless steel is one of thread ball valves, Size from 1/4inch to 4 inch, be popular in Korea and Japan.

    Enclosed BPST,NPT,BSPT ECT connection way.

    A few examples follow below:

    • Stainless steel 304/316, or other material customized
    • Pressure pn16-pn25
    • The design looks great and using comfortable
    • Made in China factory, Price competitive

    As a factory, we also have other mold valves, 1-pc,2-pc,3-pc thread ball valve, DIN long type ball valve. Most have stocks

    Everything in your house from the gas line to your water flow has some sort of valves in different settings and configurations and getting the right valve is extremely important. That is why we present you with the Korean-type stainless steel thread ball valve and with this type, you won’t ever need to call a plumber again in your life. The reason why Korean ball valve design is preferred over other types is because of its perfection when it comes to its key functions. The main function of a valve is to stop or regulate the flow of water, oil, or gas when needed and when we say stop, we mean completely shut like vacuum shut and there are not a lot of valves that can actually do that. Many a time, Industrialists suffer from valve leak especially when it comes to gas and that’s why a vacuum shut valve the Korean ball valve is preferred by many industrialists.

    Valve Mode is Popular

    The driving mode of the Korean ball valve is completely manual and the channel type is straight through, although you can try one of our dual-channel types as well. The bonnet is made out of stainless steel completely as mentioned but the sealing material is made out of PTFE/RPTFE for better grip and handling. It can serve multiple purposes including a Blow-down valve, Bypass valve, Atmospheric valve, and even a relief valve. While the connection form is threaded, it can be used for various types of fluid including water and it supports a nominal pressure of up to 1000psi. It follows the standard of DIN/ANSI and also carries the certification of ISO/Ce.

    Best Choice For Your Company And industrial

    That’s the promise of the Korean ball valve design and the results certainly speak for themselves. Our clients who buy Korean-type stainless steel ball valves come back to us with nothing but praise. Whether it is for Household usage, Industrial usages, or even for water treatment plants, the Korean type stainless steel ball valve is designed in a way that works for almost every usage type and it is completely made from stainless steel to provide the best performance, unlike others who at best can either provide you with brass metal with Korean type or stainless steel without Korean type. We are one of the very few companies who can actually manufacture and provide Korean style along with stainless steel metal so that you can buy the best for your company and its industrial needs.


    • Are all parts made out of Stainless Steel?

    Yes, all parts are made out of stainless steel completely and only the sealing material is made from PTFE/RPTFE material to provide better grip and handling capabilities.

    • Can we get replacement seals with a different material?

    While the sealing is made out of PTFE/RPTFE material, you can opt for different materials of your choice.

    • Can we place a customized product purchase?

    The price estimate is based on a small order volume of 1000 pcs.

    MOQ Requirement

    Most manufacturers require that their buyers order at least 500 to 1000 units per order.

    Some suppliers may be willing to offer a slightly lower MOQ (300 pcs), but less than that is very rare.

    In addition, you can check free samples before you give order .

    More information about the Korean ball valves, when importing products from China, can be found ours advantage.

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