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How Should We Maintain Globe Valves?

You should also consider some below points:
Regular maintenance of the valve should be needed. You should pay attention to check there is no valve leaking.
If the valve is not working regularly, then cycle the valve. It will prevent the disc from bedding itself in the seat.
You can use a grease gun to grease the crossbar on the nipple. If needed, you should lubricate the spindle. 
If packing needs adjustment, you should need to tighten the gland bolts slightly. The gland will be damaged if you over-tighten it. You need to replace the packing if leaking through the gland appears.

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globe valve

Why Are Globe Valves Used In Bypass Lines?

One of the most common uses for globe valves is bypass lines. Bypass lines reroute fluid around a closed system. Globe valves are installed to control fluid flow in the bypass line. This is because globe valves can easily open and close, offering high precision when controlling fluid flow. As a result, globe valves are an essential component in many types of bypass systems.

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What Is Globe Valve?

Globe valves are smooth or flat motion valves most employed to start, stop, and throttle flow. Their structure looks like a stem that moves up and down to control flow inside the valve. The system includes a disc plug and seat commonly tightened into the valve body. Seats produce in an inclined plane or parallel to the flow line. These control valves are most often used to open or close the flow valve throttle in a system. The disk of a globe valve can be drawn entirely from the flow path, or it can completely close the flow path.

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What Is The Function Of Globe Valves?

Traditional Globe valves are used for throttling and isolation services. Although the valves show little higher pressure drops than linear valves such as gate and ball. They are used where the pressure drop through the valve is not a controlling aspect. Globe valves are often used to control flow. The degree of pressure drop and flow control must be assumed when creating the valve to stop failure.

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ball valve

What is a Ball Valve, and How Does it Work?

A ball valve is a mechanical device that can control, obstruct and allow the flow of liquid, gases, and vapors in the piping systems. The valve uses a ball that is present between two valve seats. A wrench handle can change the position of the ball.

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Globa valve

How Does The Bellow Globe Valve Work?

In contrast to the other types, globe valves offer greater accuracy for handling flow. Bellow Seal Globe Valve comes with a spherical shape and is often used where fluid flow needs to control. The worth of globe valves for others valves is that they can be adjusted to flow and do not leak. Usually, water pipes fit with these types of valves so that the system can control the inner flow side of the pipe by entirely or partly opening the valve.

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SS ball valves

Why Are Ball Valves Not Allowed To Adjust Flow?

They do not provide adjustment to large amount of fluid, so not used as valve to adjust flow. You can control the size of the flow. If water flow is restricted, it can create dangerous pressure build-ups. It could cause the valve to fail. This is why ball valves must only apply in applications where water flow can be easily controlled.

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Globa valve

Can Bellows Globe Valve Be Installed Upside Down?

So, can the bellows globe valve be installed upside down?

The simple answer is No. It is not recommended to install them upside down. So as not to allow contamination to accumulate in the bellows seal area. The pipes and fittings need to be thoroughly cleaned before installation.

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wcb valve

Why Are WCB Globe Valves More Popular?

The WCB globe valve has a long lifespan and can handle heavy pressure without breaking. Because of these benefits, the WCB globe valve is a favorite among many engineers and contractors. These valves are widely used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, construction, etc.WCB valves are more popular because they offer a wide range of benefits. 

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